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Ayana King is CEO and Founder at Maximum Communications, a boutique consulting agency specializing in Content Strategy, Social Media, Reputation Management, and PR/Media Outreach.

A captivating keynote and strong advocate for diversity equity and inclusion, Ayana also hosts national DEI workshops and consults with corporate executives eager to grow healthy, diverse and inclusive workplaces.

The goal: To put business owners back in the driver's seat, so they can manage a strategy that makes sense for their brand.

If you're ready to explore a new way to work - one where everyone wins - let's talk!

Collaboration creates community.

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Every client should feel like the only client.

What's that one thing that eats up all your time and keeps you from taking your business to the next level___ (2) copy 2

Why It Works

Collaboration – it’s Maximum Communications’ all-encompassing core value. I hold partnership in high-esteem and find collaborative relationships lead to the most innovative ideas. Working together, discovering the story behind your brand, and shaping a message that rings true for your business and your stakeholders – that’s what I’m about.

My industry experience includes corporate communications, and I never miss an opportunity to partner with other organizations that support the wellbeing of older adults and advocate for more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

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