How I Can Help

If you are a SNF, Seniors Housing or Home Care professional, you know how difficult it can be to change the negative perceptions associated with the Aging Services industry. Yet the work you do is critical, and many of the seemingly small day-to-day tasks positively impact those in your care in a major way.

Let’s share those stories.

We’ll work collaboratively to uncover empowering stories about team members; inspiring stories about the older adults you serve; and I’ll teach you to communicate a message that shows your organization’s commitment to quality care and dignified senior living.

Give your marketing strategy a serious assessment and see where you might benefit from a more agile approach. The industry is changing. Let’s ensure your team is already ahead.

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Our firm couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Ayana at Maximum Communications. It was a daunting task for us to enter our business into the world of social media, but she made the process as painless as possible.

Nickolas P.

Ayana is the real deal! I love hands on learning. From the agenda to learning new tools for posting, I walked away with a plan, organized content, and some fun tools to utilize and play with.

Kim B.

Ayana at Maximum Communications is awesome! Took a very informative class with her today and already implemented some of the things I’ve learned from her! Her perspectives are fun, inspiring and fresh!

Mary G.

"We especially appreciated her highlights on equity, metaphors to make D+I more comprehensive and understandable."

Katie T.

Ayana is absolutely fantastic! She breaks everything down into simple, understandable pieces, and gives you practical tools to start using immediately. She is basically the magical unicorn of social media!

Alice F.

I highly recommend scheduling a consultation for yourself or your team. After today, I am left with so many tips and tricks – feeling more ready than ever to tackle the social media strategy for our company!

Rachel O.

Ayana is an amazing presenter and so knowledgeable. She actually presents on things that we should know as management, business owners, etc.; BUT she takes the information to another level.

Nerys H.

What can I say about Ayana King? So much! Her positive enthusiasm, high energy and superior creative talent mean you can hire her with confidence. 

Lori Jo V.